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[Shiren Gakuen] Student Council Auditor by A13stract [Shiren Gakuen] Student Council Auditor by A13stract

.: Name :.

Minae Fukui

.: Age :.

16 y/o

.: Gender :.


.: Height/Weight :.


.: Birthday :.

31st December

.: Class :.


.: Club :.

Kendo, Volleyball

.: Urban Legend :.


The TekeTeke(also known as Tek-Tek) is a Japanese Urban Legend about the ghost of a young woman/school girl who died in a railway track after getting ran over by the train. It is known as a vengeful spirit, holding a scythe or a saw and travels only on her hands or elbow, dragging her upper torso, making a scratching sound or ‘teketeke’ sound as she is missing her lower part of her body after that incident. If she encounters a victim and that victim is not fast enough to run away from her, she will slice up the victim’s body so that it mimics her own disfigurement.

Source:… (I’m too puss to read more about urban legend as it was…midnight ;-; b)

.: Personality :.

Two faced/Defensive(Protective)/Athletic/Sociable/Caring/Fun

Fukui’s two faced personality started after that incident. She thought that she was too soft and nice towards people around her (strangers). So, her double personality is there to protect herself from SOME people. Due to her two faced personality, she confuses people easily. (For example, if she is nice, that does not mean she is nice to everyone<<//sh*t im getting confused omg –weeps--  DO NOT approach her if you think she’ll bite ;v;b)

She is defensive/protective towards her friends in Shiren Gakuen. (yes, and Shiren only. She has no other friends outside Shiren.) She is clingy and protective towards her seniors especially towards Kitsune, probably like her body guard or something. (Don’t mess with her or she’ll falcon punch you // JK she’s “nice”)

Being an ace in sports, she excels in Volleyball and Kendo. Her performance in sports made her one of the best athlete during elementary school.

After meeting Kitsune, she became more sociable. She gets to release her main stress problems (classmates…//smh) to Kitsune as she was there to listen to her rant and vents.

Talk about caring, she can be rather motherly. (is this even the right word? Caz idek. But ‘motherly’ came to my mind first so im’ma use it //shot) According to the RP I did with Ling Ling, I decided to give her this personality caz Fukui was so manly in the future//shot. She takes care of her friends well. She can put anything aside and run towards her friends in need (most probably… Kitsune ;v;b)

She was really happy that she was alive till today because she fought back at that time (read history). Thinking that she should appreciate her life more, she decided to put more fun into her memories.

.: History :.

Fukui comes from a wealthy family as her father was a business partner with another company. Her childhood was pretty lively as her family was not broken.  Being the only child, she gets to spend time with her parents most of the times though she is usually the quiet type.One day, her father brought her along to his friend’s house (a.k.a. Kitsune’s house) to spend time with his daughter, Kitsune. That waswhen she met Kitsune which she acknowledged her for almost her entire life (Fukui is such a baby around Kitsuneowo, u know… manly Kitsune ;v;b).

Ever since elementary school, it was not the best thing in the world for her even though she excels in her studies (Mathematics) and sports. She usually gets bullied by her classmates and neighbours as they thought she was a stuck up snob for coming from a wealthy family. She ranted to Kitsune about how her neighbours bullied her and Kitsune will save the day, though keeping her school life issues a secret from everyone else. Soon, Kitsune moved to her hometown in China and left Fukui alone with all her problematic classmates. After Kitsune left, the bullies took the opportunity as no one was there to protect Fukui. She did not dare to tell her parents about her school life issues as she thought that she could handle them herself.

Sooner or later, the bullies from school started to ask her for money as a form of charity as she was filthy rich but she refused. The bullies will threaten herif she does not give them what they want. Each time, they ask for more and eventually, she snapped.

*taking out paper notes from her wallet and throws it at their face*

“Yea, take all of my money you peasants! TAKE IT ALL AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”

The bullies felt hurt as they heard her saying that, in front of everyone. Just like any of the other days, Fukui went home by train as it was efficient and less time consuming. She did not expect her classmates to follow her all the way to the subway and that was when they abused her physically. They grabbed her as they saw an oncoming train. Pushing her heads towards the railway track, she screamed in fear. Hearing the oncoming train approaching and the jests her classmates were making, she felt disgusted. She fought back with all her might; she grabbed and pushed one of her classmate’s face against the train. The next thing she knew was hearing a scream and blood dripping on the floor. She was shocked and quickly let go of that girl. That girl, covering her bloodied face, continued screaming in pain.

Fukui was interrogated by the policemen and to what she had expected, they could not bring themselves to believe her words, well, at least her parents did. Her parents promised to pay for the medical fees for the victim until she was all better. But deep inside, Fukui never felt any regret nor sorry for her, in fact, she felt happy that she actually fought back for once and that was what they deserved.

It was because of the whole incident that made her thought that she should actually start to learn to protect herself. She knew she was relying too much on Kitsune, and so, that was how she got into Kendo.

Few years later, she reunited with Kitsune and was surprised that Kitsune could not remember her, nor any of their childhood memories that they had spent together. Even so, she stills remains attached to her ‘senpai’ as she was always there when she needed her help. At the age of 16, her parents enrolled her into Shiren Gakuen, as she wanted to enter that school after knowing that Kitsune got enrolled into that school. (yes extreme stalking pls--shot) Taking interest in the clubs and activities of the school, one that has caught her attention most was the Student Council and so, she joined them without knowing that Kitsune is in it as well. (omo such coincidence?? NOPE--shot, she sounds so stalker-ish omg what to do//ming)

.: Relationships :.

KitsuneAriyama [Besties:iconepichigh5plz:/childhood friend]


.: Likes/Dislikes :.

+Stalking Kitsune (Clingy –snorts--) //shoves Kitunedakimakura in her face

+Friends in Shiren-Gakuen

+Students Council members (Her so called play time in school –srapped-- JKJK)


+Calling older dudes “Old man”(Pls don’t be shocked when this happens ;v;b)

+Her parents (They basically let Fukui ‘stalk’ Kitsune o3o)


-Elementary school

-Ex-classmates (Yes, she wants to kill them//approved by me)

-Subway stations (Reminds her of that day.)

*I don’t think she hates a lot of things apart from elementary school and her screwed up classmates.*


.: Others/Extras :.

*Note* some of her personalities might be contradicting due to her two faced personalities and I cannot list all her personalities down because of it. Like uhm….there is a limit to how nice she can be.//hides—im srsly confusing myself here--

-She became more sociable after meeting Kitsune because...ranting and shiz ;v;b

-She speaks English and Japanese.

-Even though she dislikes subway stations, she still needs them to take her home qq


Kitsune IoaleKelina
Fukui (my embryo)

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IoaleKelina Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
HHHHHHH FUKUI BABY!!! FINALLY!!! YOU'RE BORN!!!! //wraps her up in a little pink blankie and hugs her tightly

Oh... OH... Extreme stalking you say? :iconheplz: Hehehehe... Why do I sense some one sided shipping there babu??

OOC Kitsune: Yus? You need anything kouhai? //manly poses

Holy shiz... That was violent... //imagines subway scene
A13stract Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
she's all urs ling ling --shot :iconcryforeverplz:

WHERE?? OWO --ifeelsoblur--//mingcry

OOC Fukui : N-nothing :icongrosssobplz:

//ming iwishicoulddothattomycousin
IoaleKelina Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, you know Kitsune will be totes fine e w e


Don't ;w; That's freakin scary...
A13stract Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014

Me: :iconsrapplz: go sleep gurl

well if it's like, imagination then probs not so much LOL but if rl, im'ma wet my pants ;v;b
IoaleKelina Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Kitsune: O-okay? .-. Who are you again?

Gurl, you see how much blood, gore, violence and insanity I write? And still, I feel squeamish whenever I watch violent dramas >.<
A13stract Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
OOC Fukui : :icongrosssobplz: I-I-I-'m no one senpai QAAAQ NO ONE//hides forever

pshhh that's like normal ;v;b
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